First ‘ghost’ ever captured on an iPad?

That was the suggestion of a recent article in the Mail Online (10 August, 2012). But as a commentator was quick to point out:

Hang on, this is an iPhone/IPad app! I know because I have it. It’s called Ghost Capture and one of the ghosts you can superimpose on to your pictures is a man in a top hat and tails – exactly the same as the one in this article! (Sarah, Cornwall, 11/8/2012 06:01)

For comparison, here is the ‘ghost’ from the published article, alongside the range of figures you can add to your photographs from the app. It’s pretty clear that our Isambard Kingdom Brunel lookalike is the same in both.

Left: the ‘ghost’. Right: its probable origin, the ‘Ghost Capture’ iPad app.

It seems that even the laziest of fake photos can make it into the national press. I imagine that what sometimes happens is that the person producing the photograph shows it to a friend or relative, who is so impressed they take it to the newspaper, and what might start off as an innocent practical joke suddenly gets out of hand… It’s about time the press wised-up, however…