The world’s silliest ‘orb’ photographs

‘Orbs’ are whitish, circular patches that appear on digital photographs as a result of interaction between the camera’s sensor and particles of dust or moisture. (See our Photographic Anomalies page.) However, some people still adhere to the view that they are the preliminary stage in a manifestation of a ghost or spirit. Images presented on this basis are rife across the internet.

It’s naughty to poke fun at foibles, but I couldn’t resist a trawl for the silliest orb photos I could find — or the challenge of thinking up some equally silly captions. The following were all discovered parading in the full glare of the public domain.

Orb 01

‘Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I guess I’m gonna go and meet orbs.’


Orb 02

Following Christmas dinner, emanations were often traceable to Dad.


Orb 03

Today’s high insurance premiums are due partly to the millions of claims for haunted sofas.


Orb 04

The threat posed by orbs is minimal when compared to the clear and present danger of a glowing white butt-triangle.


Orb 05

When the glitter-ball became more interesting than the floor-show, Patrick wondered what he was doing with his life.


Orb 06

Raw sex-energy. Another common cause of orbs.


Orb 07

Since the recession and his divorce, Brian has struggled to provide his orbs with the standard of living to which they’re accustomed.


Orb 08

It was around the age of eleven that Damien’s skills with Photoshop took a sinister turn.


Orb 09

‘Fairy, my ass – get outta here! Just coz I’m a baby, don’t mean I’m a fool!’